Home and Travel


No matter where you are or what you do, with ROB home and travel services, your home, family and belongings are safe and secure. With our smart equipment, you can safely monitor your home and beloved belongings right from where you are, remotely. All you need is ROB and our intuitive interface. In just 3 simple installation steps, you are ready to go.


ROB -ROBOTIC OBSERVATION offer you in a beautiful designed waterproof and shock resistant equpiment several home and travel security services such as motion sensoring, audio sensoring, remote alarming, room and hotel room observation, animal observation?etc. With just-drop-in style, wifi/3G/4G/bluetooth connection, easy, 3 steps setup, long operating time, artificial intelligece, cloud based services, and a you can take with you all of these everywhere.



Visit our service shop where you can select your service package and you can also drop any of our services freely to your packages depends on you decision. It works simply. Decide how big service package dolu you want. It can be 3-5-10 or unlimited size. Put the desired services freely to your packages and start to use. Click to the service shop icon to start your session.

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