ReSoNo for Transportation

ReSoNo for Transportation

?Traffic noise causes every year the loss of at least one million healthy life-years in Europe.?? WHO

ReSoNo for Transportation is an Automated Traffic Monitoring System equipped with audio-video sensors with 360° field of view to observe sound and movement in its environment in 24/7. The embedded intelligence interprets and reports all events for the connected operators in real-time over wireless network.

ReSoNo for Transportationis capable of monitoring the noise emission source selectively, counting traffic and detecting accident, traffic offence and other emergencies and abuses. The system classifies each observed event and decides the further actions according to the protocol. Possible actions can be for example alerting a responsible person to enable immediate intervention or warning the drivers in danger or the offender on traffic display or by message if appropriate. All significant events are stored into a database with audio and video records for future evaluation and evidence.

ReSoNo for Transportationcan solve the surveillance of a section or crossing of road, railway, waterway or flight path. With a network of agents it is possible to road networks, highways, railways, ports and airports . The monitoring information can be accessed in real-time through the internet using PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

ReSoNo can serve the transportation by ensuring complete control over the traffic round the clock.

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