ReSoNo for Experts

ReSoNo for Experts

?I?m having a 24 hour measurement, got to stay out all night.? ? an expert

 ReSoNo for Expert is an Intelligent Noise Analyzer System equipped with audio-video sensors with 360° field of view to observe sound and movement in its environment in 24/7. The embedded intelligence interprets and reports the events for the connected expert in real-time over wireless network.

ReSoNo for Expert is capable of measuring noise level, identifying noise sources, counting traffic and making audio and video records of each relevant noise event.  The intelligent measurement assistant can aid the expert on site or can manage a complete noise measurement task unattended. The modular build-up enables its use in various situations: source emission measurement, source immission measurement, multi-source immission measurement, simultaneous noise measurements and source observation, long term monitoring, etc.

ReSoNo for Expertcan be used for all type of environmental noise analysis with significantly more efficiency as a sound level meter. The measurement assistant enables the expert to spend less time with the supervision of the measurement while it collects all relevant information from the site, so it results cost decrease and knowledge increase.

ReSoNo can serve the experts by ensuring the time and information needed for their assessment.

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